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January 3, 2020  

The Body on the Beach - Part 5 of 5

January 3, 2020

Armed with a new lab report, Bill fumbles his way through a rather shaky denoument

Solve this Murder is a game created by Dani Siller, and played by Bill Sunderland and you, the listener! As Bill unravels the mystery, make sure to take notes and see if you can guess the killer before the denouement. You only have one guess per story, so don't jump in too soon! Our best audience detectives will be enshrined on our Wall of Detectives


With the mystery finished, why not try to run it for your friends? Or just look behind the scenes:
Whodunnit Writeup


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Our theme music was provided by the wonderful Jared, Devin and Whitt from Advanced Sagebrush and Shoot-outs. For more of their musical talents, as well as spectacular story-telling, comedy, and action, go check out their Buddy Cop TTRPG